Theatre and the performing arts

Developing competence - through creativity

Acting, especially dramatics, is a basic human activity that releases creativity, energy and strength. Firmly established structures can be broken through to allow innovation to come to the fore. A human activity that is able to change the elements of a situation in a way that gives rise to the new and the unknown, and facilitates finding solutions to apparently unsolvable problems. A part of the philosophy of Hohenwehrda boarding school.

Theatre and acting in the curriculum 

Theatre and the performing arts as a discipline is a fixed component of the timetable in our school. Hohenwehrda boarding school has thus reacted to the societal changes which are increasingly experienced by children and adolescents in an externally controlled manner without the option of any personal influence. Theatre and the performing arts are products of holistic work, in which the practical, aesthetic and cognitive academic objectives in the shaping process merge with one another to a great extent. 

Theatre and the performing arts in elective subjects and extracurricular activity clubs

For those students who wish to be more intensely involved in this discipline, there are the electives Theatre (classes 8-10) and the theatre clubs (classes 5-7). The objective of the elective is the presentation of a theatre piece or theatre project. Twice a year, the participants in the elective subject Theatre hold rehearsal days so as to be able to work meticulously in a concentrated atmosphere. Creativity that is evolved in play, conscious physical activity, sensory experience and social interaction are imparted, lived and experienced successfully by the students.  In addition, there is also "Stage setting" as an elective, which allows getting involved with the visualisation of settings for stage pieces, and which require architecture and fine arts as inputs. Other extracurricular activity clubs related to the performing arts are the technology club, masks and makeup club, artisanry club, and if required, speech lessons.

Realised pieces

2010   Der Ozeanflug - Bertold Brecht
2011    Odyssee - Ad de Bont
2011    Petterson und Findus - in-house production
2012   Anne und Zef - Ad de Bont
2013   Die Zicke - in-house production
2014   Michael Kohlhaas - modelled on the motifs of Heinrich von Kleist


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Jens Terlinden / drama teacher