Instrumental training

Instrumental training in the Lietz boarding school Hohenwehrda

Learning an instrument is an important module for the musico-pedagogic work with our students. Therefore, instrumental training is an elective. Overall, our students benefit from the many opportunities of development that are opened up by practising and playing their instruments. Our instrumentalists can choose between two options:

Playing an instrument in the framework of an elective

Students who have decided to take the elective have a performance every half-year as a part of the class performance, in which they present one musical piece each. For this performance, they are given a grade for their elective of "Instrumental training". Furthermore, students of this elective get to perform regularly in our school events. They thus represent their elective within the school community and, with a sufficient level of expertise, can also perform in a broader public framework. 

Learning an instrument without the focus on "Elective: Instrument"

Here, the students learn their instrument as a part of instrumental lessons, without being focussed on the class as an elective. There is therefore no grading or the corresponding class performances. All instrumentalists have the option of performing as part of our academic events thus presenting themselves there. This valuable experience of giving a performance is an important component of our instrumental training.

Our instrument teachers visit the school on different days during the school weeks to teach various instruments. Currently, piano, drums, guitar and saxophone are offered.

For interested instrumentalists and singers, we also have a school band in Hohenwehrda. It practises once a week in a band room on our campus. It is conducted by Ulrich Fromm, who has himself been a member of a band in the Fulda region for many years, and has plenty of experience in the field.


For our instrumentalists we also offer practice facilities on the campus of the Lietz-boarding school. There are pianos in good condition in the practice rooms, inviting you to take a trial. In addition, other instruments can be practised in other rooms. Our drummers use the band room on the campus.