Choir and singing training

Choir and singing training

Apart from academic success, we, as Lietz-Internat the organisation, attach particular importance to the personal development of our students. Therefore, this development is required and promoted in the various modules of our holistic concept. To that end, singing and music represent resources of inestimable value, as to a great extent, they act independently.

Team spirit, self-reflection on actions, mindfulness when interacting with others – these are just some of the competences that can be named here. Moreover, successful musical appearances are unforgettable experiences – lifelong.


Even in the lower grade, we start the day with morning singing. The students are introduced to the concept of singing and making music collectively. They are familiarised with their breath, their voices, their hearing and the inter-relationship that exists between these three sensory perceptions. They learn to support one another – from the beginning. 

In our vocal training, individualised voice training in very small groups or individually is the basis for singing in a choir. In this manner, individuals can be guided in a personalised and targeted manner when learning the parts of the melody. The results obtained in the small groups are then combined in the choir. As a result, students evolve further musically and subsequently present a performance. 

Choir trials and voice training are provided two afternoons a week. Lessons are given according to the flexi-time model. This means that the choirmaster is available in the school auditorium on these two afternoons, for prior choir trial appointments, and for voice training in very small groups set up for the pieces to be practised, or if required, for personal lessons.


Depending on their preferences, our students can be soloists or choir singers in our choir and singing training club. Our choir singers later have the opportunity to present the choir and song pieces that they have practised during performances within the school and outside, and to be successful in the community.