Sports build character

Sports are an important component of our holistic upbringing concept. Sport challenges and fosters the individual, and strengthens and joins the community at the same time. Playing sport regularly contains, apart from the many health-related aspects, numerous socially integrative components. At the same time, sports are a balancing aspect of the intellectual challenges of day-to-day school, promoting attributes such as team building, concentration, stamina, fair play, sporting ambition and tolerance of frustration.

There is a broad range of offerings – from the traditional sports in track and field and swimming, the classical team sports like football, handball, basketball, volleyball to the individual sports like tennis, table-tennis and badminton. In addition, there are the trend sports like skating, modern dance, aerobics, fitness and flag-football as well as outdoor activities like golf, riding, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing and cross-country. This multifaceted offering is rounded off by meditative Asian martial arts like Hapkido.


Contacts with sports associations in the region additionally facilitate further individual promotion for performance-oriented sportspersons. Students from Hohenwehrda compete with other schools in various sports, and regularly participate in track racing competitions in the region. Apart from the Federal youth sports event, the school sports day and the cross-country day are the sports and convivial events at Hohenwehrda boarding school every year. 

Excellent sports facilities

At Hohenwehrda, distances are short. There are numerous good sports facilities at the site: the school sports coliseum, a large football green, the beach volleyball field, a Tartan track, skating rink, outdoor sports facility with two tennis courts as well as handball, hockey, volleyball and basketball fields. The point of attraction for all students is the school's own pool, which is an inviting place for water sports as well as for relaxing in the recreational hours. 



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Uli Fromm / sports teacher