Social aspects

Involvement for the community

Social commitment is expected at Hohenwehrda boarding school - internal as well as external. Practical work in the garden, kitchen, house and campus ensure the involvement of every student in these areas. Official and godfather positions bring about a feeling of social responsibility. The students try themselves out doing something for others.

In Hohenwehrda boarding school, social commitment also means looking at the wider world. For years, students have been supporting a school in Guatemala with their own pocket money and through the sales of the school enterprises. Through personal contacts with the von Brauck family, which has built this school through a foundation, and often reports on it at Hohenwehrda boarding school, there are vivid impressions formed regarding the aid campaigns and thus, authentic bonds.


The elective "South Africa" addresses the totality of the situation in that country, especially the academic situation, sets up contacts with schools and supports the pan-Federal (German) Aktion Tagwerk campaign "Your day for Africa". The students of this elective exchange their school desks for a workplace for one day, and donate the money thus earned for educational projects in Africa.

Showing social commitment

But spontaneous campaigns are also organised and carried out - for example, during the 2013 floods. Employees as well as children put together a contribution of Euro 5000 for the Grimma Grammar School, in which a colleague had passed her final secondary school examinations. She had direct contacts with the school and was personally very worried for it. They were greatly shocked to see the situation when they handed over the contribution in Grimma school, which had been devastated by the floodwater.


The students of the social activity club in Hohenwehrda boarding school take care of old persons in the old people's home once a week, and also grapple, under socio-pedagogical guidance, with the central questions of the old. The youth in the social club use the contacts with the village of Wehrda to become involved with supportive actions there as well. Achieving social competence is a central and daily theme in the Hohenwehrda boarding school and is practised constantly in day-to-day life together.


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