School parliament

Being involved in the organisation, and bringing something about

In Hohenwehrda boarding school, students participate responsibly in shaping dormitory life via the school parliament. They experience how they can exert influence make a difference. They learn the rules of play of democratic conduct and discussion. They learn the balanced interplay of rights and responsibilities.

The student parliament comprises family spokespersons elected democratically from every dormitory family, the school spokespersons selected from all the boarding students in Hohenwehrda – one boy and one girl for reasons of parity - the two confidential advisor educationists, also elected by all, and two members of the management team who may be invited if so wished by the committee. 

Children's rights in focus 

The student parliament at Hohenwehrda gets involved with all matters related to living together and lessons, with planning, changes, dealing with disturbances and the preservation of and compliance with children's rights. The student parliament meets regularly at fixed times every two weeks and, if required, additionally. It considers suggestions that the two school spokespersons present in the general body meeting of the approximately 30 educationists present.


The school spokespersons participate regularly in the general body meeting and have one vote each. Student spokespersons in the Hohenwehrda boarding school are considered to be representatives of the interests of their co-students, but just as much, representatives of Hohenwehrda boarding school both internally and externally. They are therefore happy to participate in advertising events or to look after guests and other interested parties of the boarding school with commitment.


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Maike Terlinden / guidance counselor