Healthy eating in focus

Lots of fun gardening and fascination with helping out in the kitchen is a common scene at Hohenwehrda. Healthy nutrition is a central theme of upbringing at Hohenwehrda boarding school. The youngsters learn the high value of food from one's own garden. In these times of greater and greater pollution of the environment, it is a big advantage to be able to harvest fruit and vegetables - not treated with chemical sprays - from one's own garden.

What an experience to have observed a head of lettuce growing from a seed! In the spring, the youngsters make the first salad that was grown in the greenhouse through purely manual effort. The plants are then further nourished and cared for, till they are prepared for lunch one day after harvesting. Our students thus become familiar with the path from cultivation to tasty, healthy food.


Apart from products from our own garden, the team in the kitchen also becomes familiar with fresh regional products such as the prizewinning organic beef from Wehrda. In this manner, together, we get varied and healthy nutrition. In the kitchen too, our students show commitment and are happy to help in preparing the meals. They learn how to handle foodstuff correctly and to prepare it in a healthy manner. In the kitchen parliament, students have the right to voice their preferences in generating the weekly menus.


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Wilbert Isslei / cook