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Participating in the organisation and accepting responsibility

At Hohenwehrda boarding school, all the students, doing practical work, also assume responsibility for the daily sustenance. Cleaning campaigns of the campus carried out together, kitchen and dining hall services, garden work, animal care, harvesting the school's own products in the garden, or shovelling snow, to be done by everyone, are all a matter of course. 

To carry this out, three of the older students have the job of dividing the tasks. Of course, the living areas and the students' own rooms also have to be kept clean and tidy. In addition, students of classes 8 to 10 take charge, turn by turn, of editing and reading out the news after dinner. This takes care of "Being informed about events all over the world" and in addition, is a good exercise in presentation and in the basic rules of elocution.


The various offices ensure that the students participate in organisation and learn to assume responsibility. The student parliament is an influential committee that participates in organisational matters regularly and actively. 

In the kitchen parliament too, consisting of four students and the chef, the students are required to be involved in the thinking and in planning creatively, in praise and constructive criticism, and to present whatever has been worked out to all parties. The experience of being able to achieve something gives self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth.


Students of Hohenwehrda boarding school are ready at all times to take care of guests and interested persons, or to provide support for information events. New children from home and overseas find help in integrating from students appointed for the purpose. In Hohenwehrda boarding school, school is far more than just learning. Importance is attached in all areas to acquiring social competences. 


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Burkhard Göbel / technical director