Comfortable atmosphere on the campus

Surrounded by forest, immersed in the charms of nature, the students of Hohenwehrda boarding school live on a huge campus with lots of opportunities for sports and games. The school has its own dormitory garden and fauna. The 13 so-called dormitory families live together distributed over seven houses. Six to ten students, either all male or all female, form a dormitory family and live in single or double rooms.

The educationists responsible for the dormitory families live in their own private accommodation on the campus, often with their own families. Those educationists who come from outside are available as godfathers, one to each dormitory family, and are their constant additional contact persons to approach.


Meals are compulsorily taken together in the castle three times a day in the dining room. All the inhabitants are responsible for the layouts of the living areas, for their own rooms as well as the common areas. Apart from the family rooms, there are meeting areas that support a cosy living atmosphere: the Lietz-Lounge, the billiards room and the little library for peace and quiet. During the hot months the school's own pool as well as the very large sports and games area are popular meeting points. 


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster