Hohenwehrda on tour

Getting to know the world and gathering experiences

Regular trips, excursions and project trips are a part of the vital education program in the Hohenwehrda boarding school. Our students learn outside the school day, experience adventure, become a team and educate themselves further culturally – we go on tour together.

One speciality is the mobile classroom. A North Frisian farmhouse provides and ensures learning and practical training supplementary to our facilities in Hohenwehrda in a completely different German landscape on the North Sea coast. There are often different learning and project groups present here for research, work and recreation. Theatre workshops replace intensive mathematics training, literary circles replace the natural history excursions in the Wadden Sea. In the holidays, youth from foreign countries often benefit from the mobile classrooms in North Friesland, enjoy the landscape, get familiar with North Germany, including the great city of Hamburg, and expand and consolidate their knowledge of the language.

Every dormitory family goes once a year on a family trip. The goals are adventure, a sense of community and team building.


Once a year, every class has a fixed excursion. Thus, classes 5 to 7 go on a winter sport excursion to South Tyrol, class 8 attends a language and culture program in England, class 9 strengthens team building on a mountain tour and expands its political education in Berlin, class 10 sets off for team building to the Segeltörn or in a similar outbound program.

Various trips and excursions on the weekends execute the idea of expanding education on a practical, hands-on level. Visits to concerts and the theatre and to musicals underscore our musical focus in Hohenwehrda. Museum visits and other cultural, political and sports events ensure plenty of external stimulus. Regular trips to the Rhone and to Point Alpha provide encouragement to get to know the region with all its facets, and to understand historical contexts.


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster