The motto is to get to work

The required work intermeshes when everyone is aware of their tasks and responsibilities, and moreover, children and youngsters need the facility of exploring their interests in working with their hands. To that end, Hohenwehrda boarding school offers good facilities in the form of the in-house carpentry shop and general maintenance shop, the adjoining vegetable garden with greenhouses for supplying the school's own kitchen, the fauna and the rambling campus overall. There are many options for hands willing to get to work.

The core…

… is the handicraft extracurricular activity club under the leadership of Carsten Hühn. The projects designed as a team are implemented jointly, so that the students go through all the operation sequences. Apart from working in Hohenwehrda boarding school, the handicrafts activity club regularly participates in competitions of the craft guild. Thanks to this positive experience, some students complete their apprenticeships in the handicrafts sector. The experiences and impressions from the working world are refined and appraised in the subject Vocational Studies. Moreover, this extracurricular activity club supports the elective ‘Theatre and Stage Setting’ in the implementation and construction of stage settings. 

Common responsibilities

Each contributes his mite to the common good. This particularly applies to taking care of the campus as well as tending to the school's own garden. A large part of the fresh vegetables are cultivated and harvested there. Owing to the urban lifestyle, many children are totally unaware of the interplay between planting, care and harvesting, and can be sensitised through these activities to handle resources sustainably and without waste.  The school enterprise PRM has adopted this maxim and processes the harvested fruit into bread spreads and creams. Supplementary to this, there is the work in the kitchen and the weekly practical work. In addition, the students are responsible for the tidiness of their rooms. 


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Carsten Hühn / qualified social pedagogue