Promoting and culturally nurturing the talents of the students

A lot of importance is given in Hohenwehrda boarding school to holistic education. Cultural events and guiding the children in matters of culture, society and politics are an important goal. Integrated into boarding school life is a focus on the promotion of talent in music, the theatre and art at Hohenwehrda boarding school.

We see this as nurturing the boarding school's internal cultural values. Involvement in music is regularly reflected in boarding school life or in performances at other places.


The internal cultural events are the weekly student meetings, our school congregations. Guests from different societal fields are regularly present at these events and bring cultural highlights into daily life. Either theatrical and musical artistes are guests, or socio-political questions are discussed. Our own theatre group presents a performance, or our musicians present a piece, or artists provide a private viewing.  

Often, students have grappled critically with social issues in projects, and call a student meeting to present the results.

Especially on dormitory weekends, there are theatre performances, musicals, concerts and visits to the opera. Cultural upbringing also means doing a course in dancing or professional instruction in matters of etiquette. Of course, training in etiquette in dealing with one another is provided, and promoted, be it during common mealtimes, or when entertaining guests or in the various festivities of the boarding school.


Cultural education is also called inter-cultural upbringing in Hohenwehrda boarding school. International students provide the trigger for the exchange of cultural values, customs and habits and religious beliefs. In the course of general internationalisation, especially in the field of sciences in the universities, this is a focal concern. To be familiar with the interaction of different cultures at an early age means security and sovereignty, and the expansion of one's horizons.


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Burkhard Müller / pedagogue