Children's rights

Very important for us: children's rights

At Hohenwehrda boarding school, needless to say, the children are informed about and explained their rights. Children's rights are constantly present and alive and tangible in the life of the boarding school. There is an explanation provided in the school's own children's rights brochure. It introduces the children and youth of the school to the subjects that are either inviolable rights or at least points of discussion. 

There is a detailed description of the ways and instances that the boarding school offers to constantly ensure preservation of children's rights, and where and how complaints can be lodged if required. Contact persons within the school and outside it, as well as independent entities have been named. The students’ parliament that is active at Hohenwehrda has an important role in this context. 


Children's rights are discussed intensively and in depth with the children in Hohenwehrda boarding school. Children's rights are a topic at the beginning of every school year in the individual dormitory families as well as in the School Parliament. If students join Hohenwehrda boarding school in the middle of an academic year, they too are informed about children's rights with a copy of the school's internal children's rights brochure and in discussions. The children's rights brochure of Hohenwehrda boarding school can be found here. 


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Nicole Hoede / graduate social pedagogue