At the weekend

At the weekend – strengthening self-competence

Every two weeks, we organise the weekend in Hohenwehrda boarding school. These weekends are important for ensuring sustained companionship for the adolescents. The weekend team of educationists, with the involvement of students, plans and organises a varied weekend program. 

Encouraging individual abilities

This weekend program envisages excursions in the vicinity of the Rhone and the surrounding cities of Bad Hersfeld, Fulda, Frankfurt, Kassel, Erfurt, Eisenach, Weimar and so on. Skiing, summer tobogganing or hikes are as much a part of the time-table as are city tours, exhibitions, museum visits, concerts, theatre and sports tournaments.


Of course, for the weekend, the school's own campus offers many possibilities, inviting students to participate in games and sports, baking and barbecue, campfires and the popular pool party by the school's own pool. On the weekend, sports contests are a regular feature. Whether chess tournaments, beach volleyball, football, table-tennis, competitive swimming or Bobbycar racing - there is always something to do. Our school enterprises are happy to enhance these events with popcorn and other savouries from their company operations. The leaders of the elective subjects also use the weekend and hold singing, choir or theatre practice. There are also lesson-supplementing projects like experiments in chemistry and physics or natural history excursions in the surrounding forest and fields. The elective 'canoeing' teaches working on boats, or the students canoe on the Haune or Fulda rivers.

There is a home weekend every two weeks. Our location right in the middle of Germany offers perfect travel connections. On these weekends, as also with all the other departures for holidays, buses take the students to Fulda, where the ICE trains, radiating in all directions, can take the children home. Upon arrival, the buses are available again, and drive directly to Hohenwehrda boarding school, so that everybody arrives here safely.


During home weekends there is a team of educationists available at the school primarily to look after our international students. Cultural excursions, cooking together, strengthening one’s knowledge of the German language and several other options are available.