All-round support

Respectful conduct with one another

Up to 120 children and youths live in the Hohenwehrda boarding school in a boarding-only school community. Six to ten children of different ages form one dormitory family, separately for boys and girls. They live in single or double rooms that they themselves set up. 

The dormitory families are supported and guided by teachers and also by the families of teachers, who also have on-campus private residences. Educationists who do not live on campus and come from the outside are also involved, through godfather positions, in one dormitory family each, and thus, there are always additional contact persons. Overall, there are 30 educationists deployed, and they accompany the children and youth round-the-clock, during the week and also on the weekend. The work of the teachers is professionally supplemented by social educationists, a professional pedagogical coach, a learning therapist and an external psycho-therapist. 

Once a week, the dormitory families have a joint family evening with different things on the agenda, either on-campus or outside. Sports, games, cooking, barbecues, campfires or pool parties are as popular as trips to Fulda to the movies. Once a year, every dormitory family goes on an excursion, promoting adventure and a sense of community.

The leaders of a dormitory family are to be considered coordinators for all requirements of their dormitory family and the individual children; they hold discussions with the team of colleagues, keep in touch with the parents and accompany individual children of their dormitory family as well as the group processes. The classes comprise 8 to 16 students. Studies take place in bright, modern, very large rooms. Living and learning complement each other at Hohenwehrda boarding school. The talents and strengths of the children are stimulated and their worries and needs are looked after by a strong social network.


In their living and learning together, clear structures, fixed sequences and rituals ensure safety and reliability and provide a good orientation. Rules, times and conventions protect the individuals and the community. The children and youth are held jointly responsible and prove themselves in practical services and offices. Respectful and appreciative conduct towards each other has the topmost priority.


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster