Vacation courses

Summer and more

The Hohenwehrda boarding school offers the option of experiencing the flair and charm of this school in vacation courses. In many years of cooperation with the "Lernteam Marburg", their vacation courses are held at the Hohenwehrda boarding school. 

The well-lit rooms, a large sports and adventure campus or the boarding school's own swimming pool open up excellent possibilities to learn creatively, build motivation, and to be involved in many recreational activities. At the same time, the parents of the vacationing children can set up counselling appointments with the school management.

Educationists of the Hohenwehrda boarding school supplement the offering of the Lernteam Marburg and allow the children an insight into the special offerings of the boarding school. The music and theatre staff are happy to provide samples of our voice and theatre training. Sports teachers invite the children to a canoe tour, for example, or art teachers to a pottery session.  A Spanish instructor, full of high spirits, teaches flamenco and Latin American dance. The vacation courses of the Lernteam Marburg take place during the Easter and summer vacations. 


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster