Test stays

Do some test sleeping, please!

For many parents and children, it is without doubt hard to imagine living in a boarding school, if one is only been in the State-run schools. Therefore, we offer children who are interested a completely non-binding test stay for a few days. Get a taste of life in a boarding school, up close.

How is the daily schedule divided between school, guilds and recreation? What do the rooms look like? And of course: Would I also like it here? Numerous questions that are answered during the test stay. Anyone visiting the Hohenwehrda boarding school will experience the timetable of the school day, will participate in the guilds and is involved in the evening meets with the parents.

From waking up to lunch time, and the good-night storytelling, the "new" students will experience everything, and after just a short time, will form an impression of life in the boarding school. Numerous youth have already used the test stays, during which they were able to overcome their initial fears and worries, and really look forward to their subsequent boarding school stay. 


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster