Meeting points

Right through the year, a colourful program at Hohenwehrda

It goes without saying that the Hohenwehrda boarding school welcomes guests at any time. Individual counselling dates with the school management provide a good insight into the concept and facilitate a firm decision-making process. On these occasions, the students are also happy to provide information and show guests around their dormitory. 

Highlight: Rhododendron Festival

Technical instructors from the various disciplines can be consulted. But there are other meeting points at the Hohenwehrda boarding school as well - the open door day, once each in spring and autumn, theatrical presentations or musical shows to which we invite those interested.

The highlight of the school year is the Rhododendron Festival in summer. At this time, guests are provided in insight over the entire campus into the colourful spectrum of the various activities of the Hohenwehrda boarding school.  Exhibitions, presentations, festive school gatherings, and culinary events demonstrate the work that goes on here through the year.  Several times a year, the Hohenwehrda boarding school is also present at fairs and counselling days in different big cities and in this manner, visitors can get an initial impression. The latest dates are provided on the homepage. 


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster