Do foreign students also visit the Hohenwehrda boarding school?

Yes, they come from Iran, Spain, Armenia, China or Slovakia and Peru, they usually come when they are of adolescent age, some even in the fifth class.

What are the reasons for these students from abroad to join the school?

The German school system, the big academic tradition and the culture, as well as the economic strength of Germany are the motivating reasons for this decision. Ideally, an introduction to the German language and the culture of another country will be afforded to the students.

Is the demand increasing? 

Yes, every year, the demand for boarding schools oriented to such internationalisation is increasing. The proportion of foreign students is currently about 10 percent and shows a rising trend.

How do the schools prepare for foreign students?

The Lietz boarding schools at Haubinda, Hohenwehrda and Schloss Bieberstein have prepared for this flow from other countries with an individualised integration program. A special infrastructure was created for this growth: This includes, for example, the fact that German as a foreign language is an intensive and professionally essential part of the time-table and the mother tongue is recognised as the second foreign language, so that the young persons from foreign countries do not have to learn a third foreign language on their way to school completion. A well-founded time-table envisages participation in regular lessons only partially to start with, and instead, schedules an individualised study program that is tailored to every individual student and his or her abilities.

Which languages are taught?

A fixed part of the school concept and so also, a plus point for students from abroad: In the Hermann Lietz schools, the mother tongue is recognised as the second foreign language. Otherwise, English, French, Spanish and Latin are taught In Hohenwehrda as foreign languages.

What is the academic goal?

It is the goal of the Hermann Lietz schools to ensure the satisfaction of the preconditions for the final secondary school examinations through the large variety of means of teaching support and integration forms.

How can the integration of the foreign students be successful achieved?

The young Armenian, Swiss, Russian or US citizens should very quickly feel at home in Germany and in their schools. There are regular excursions at weekends to German places of cultural interest like Heidelberg, Weimar, Neuschwanstein castle or Wartburg. So also, it is important to appeal to the international palate, catering to which the dormitory kitchens have adapted. To be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge directly, foreign students, accompanied by a German “godfather” student, are introduced from the beginning to life in the boarding school in intensive, personal contact. Support is also assured on the weekend and during short holidays not suitable for visiting home.


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster