For the future

How do the students remain in contact with their school even after graduating?

The "Alumni and friends" have set themselves the goal of keeping up contacts world-wide with all former Lietzers. Upon completion of schooling, for the first ten years after graduating, the students have free membership to the association. 

What is the purpose of this network?

The purpose of the association is as fresh today as Hermann Lietz once put it: We wish actively to support the Lietz dormitories internally and to the outside world, and support their students and teachers as well as past students and friends. "Lietzers helping Lietzers" is one of the core mottos in our network.

How do the alumni help?

In the year 2004, an independent foundation was formed from the special assets "Scholarship funds" of the association of alumni and friends of the Hermann-Lietz-Schulen e. V. (registered association of Hermann Lietz Schools. In cooperation with these scholarship funds, the Hermann-Lietz-Schulen foundation grants, from the 11th class in Castle Bieberstein, several scholarships annually, of up to 50 percent of the upbringing contract. To get such financial aid, the applicants must demonstrate good academic performance, stand out through extra-curricular activities and be ready to place their skills in the service of the community.

What other help or financial aid is possible?

The alumni workgroup makes decisions on the student applications from Haubinda, Hohenwehrda, Bieberstein and Spiekeroog schools, as to what financial support will be provided. Every year, large sums are credited to the schools by means of these "financial injections"; they are invested in meaningful procurements for school life.

Are only erstwhile students allowed to join the association?

No, parents, teachers and friends of the Lietz community are also very welcome. They can all obtain membership – of course, after scrutiny. 

What value addition does the alumni association offer?

Bringing Lietzers together and helping them, no matter where in the world they are. For example, the homepage of the alumni association has an online exchange page with many offers such as practical training or apprenticeship positions, student digs or lift offers. 


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Helga Vogel / network Hohenwehrda