Edda Rack, student

"What is specially terrific about life in Hohenwehrda is that I can be with my friends all the time. The friendships formed here become much closer than in a normal school, since we spend time together every day. Even studying is easy, because I can always consult a teacher whenever I have a problem."

Pia Birfelder, student

"Before coming here to Hohenwehrda, I was at a state-run school on Majorca – and there are very big differences. Studying here is a lot more fun: We don't just sit here in a classroom with the teacher explaining something in the front, one is taught everything here, depending on one's weaknesses. During my free time, I have tried out theatre and playing the piano – and I've already made progress."

Sascha Althans, student

"Actually, I was not really thrilled at the idea of going to boarding school, but thanks to the unity among the students and the good studying environment, the time I've spent in Hohenwehrda has helped me a lot for my later life. In a state-run school – despite many transfers – I was ill at ease, but things are different here. In my free time, being a part of the running guild, I even participate in marathons, which I find really super."


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster