Day-to-day life

My child has always lived at home – how will he or she get used to living in boarding school? 

We offer interested students a non-binding test stay. They can thus experience life in boarding school during the school semester and also on certain dates in the holidays. In the integration phase, the children are particularly closely accompanied by both the responsible educationist as well as by mentor students. The child must find its own place at its own pace. For the parents too, the motto is: to be able to let go.

Will my child come home on weekends?

In the Lietz-boarding school Hohenwehrda, there is a home weekend every two weeks during the academic year, on which students go home every Friday evening and return to school on Sunday evening. The dormitory weekends are spent in Hohenwehrda, with the Saturday being a regular school day. There is an attractive program offered on weekends.

What must my child get to the boarding school?

Their own blanket or comforter, a toothbrush, sufficient clothing and good writing instruments- these are the things that must be brought along to Hohenwehrda boarding school. But wellingtons, evening party clothes and a desk lamp should not be forgotten either. What students need in boarding school can be found here

My child has to take medication regularly. Will this be taken care of?

There is a diligent nurse to take care of students in Hohenwehrda boarding school. In cases of acute illness, a student is generally taken directly from school to a doctor. Children who must take medication regularly are taken care of additionally by the nurse, who will administer the prescribed dose. 

What happens if there are learning problems?

Assistance measures are a fixed part of the regular school day and are organised on an individual basis. Help is provided during recreational hours if the usual studying and exercise times are not enough. For students with developmental disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia), there are generally suitable assistance facilities available, which the school takes care of directly.

Does bullying happen?

As in "normal" daily life, in the boarding school too, there are conflicts between students or between students and teachers. The children get support and moderation from a confidante teacher and other persons, and are taught to try and talk to solve their conflicts in a fair, non-violent manner. Students who repeatedly violate the rules will have disciplinary measures imposed on them, and in case of more serious breaches, even temporary suspension, going up to a threat of rustication. Social educationists and a pedagogical coach supplement the teaching staff and help in case of bigger or more serious problems.

How is my child protected from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs?

In keeping with the current legal position, minors are prohibited from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes at Hohenwehrda. Proven possession and/or consumption of illegal drugs will result in immediate rustication of the relevant student. Random alcohol and drug tests and regular inspections are carried out for this purpose. However, these measures cannot hide the fact that there cannot be one hundred percent certainty even at boarding school. Of course, these areas are subject to internal processing and consequent action.


Any questions?

We will advise you!

Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster