Secondary school

Unfurling talents - in secondary school

Our State-recognised secondary school branch culminates in the central final examination in class 10. Moreover, thanks to an expanded time-table, fostering and intensive lessons, a solid basis is prepared for entry to higher level secondary school. In this manner, secondary school graduation is reached after 13 years of schooling.

We therefore also consider our secondary school branch as an opportunity for talented children who, because of their development stage or their learning background, need time to unfurl their talents and systematically reach secondary school graduation.


Classes 5/6 are orientation and promotional levels. Merging in the branches of the secondary school and grammar school only takes place in the 7th class. The stimulation of the children depends on each individual child and its learning background. In class 6, with an eye on the 8-year grammar school, the second foreign language (Latin, Spanish, French) is taught, tailored individually to the possibilities of each student.


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