Our academic concept

Living and learning together

Hohenwehrda boarding school in Hesse educates students from the 5th class of secondary school and grammar school, and takes them through to a General Certificate of Secondary Education. The 5th and 6th class are conducted as an orientation level. We attach particular value to transparency within the school models. 

The preconditions are created and met in the 6th class itself. The objective is to also give secondary school students the option of going to the higher level secondary school in Haubinda or Bieberstein. There are dormitory buildings grouped around the former hunting lodge, in which 120 children and young people live and learn together. Hohenwehrda distinguishes itself as a boarding-only school.


We look upon our school as a social network which, in these times of constant and continuing individualisation, is an option to foster and stimulate children on their path of self-discovery within the framework of a holistic upbringing. Our 13 boarding families each comprise six to ten girls or boys, for each of which two teachers are responsible.

Syllabus in the boarding school

English, French, Latin and Spanish are offered as foreign languages. The language sequence is: English from the 5th class, French, Spanish or Latin from the 6th class. The syllabus content is oriented to the frame conditions and academic standards of the Culture Ministry of the State of Hesse.


The daily tuition period - integrated in the lessons - is monitored by the educationists and there are learning therapists on hand for children with reading, computing or spelling challenges, or for those who have attention-deficit issues. Additional study periods govern homework-integrated lessons. The syllabus of the Lietz boarding school also contains activities and electives as well as "Practical work".


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Sabine Hasenjaeger / headmaster