International students

Introduction to the German language and German culture

They come from almost every country in the world – usually at a very young age; some are in the fifth class. In a foreign country, they are looking for security, friends and an introduction to German culture and the German language. Every year, more and more parents send their children from other countries to Germany. In this regard, Hohenwehrda boarding school has its pulse on the trend of the times, and offers a special integration program for foreign students. 

Well-grounded integration program for foreign students

Firmly anchored in the schooling concept, the mother tongue is recognised as the second foreign language in the syllabus. The goal of the promotion of youth from foreign countries is the final secondary school examination. These students should quickly feel at home in Germany: constant handholding on weekends and holidays is assured. Excursions to Berlin and cultural locations like Castle Neuschwanstein, Heidelberg or Wartburg are scheduled regularly. It is also important to appeal to the international palate, to which the dormitory kitchens have adapted. To be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in practice, foreign students are introduced to life at a boarding school right from the beginning in intensive, personal contact – accompanied by a German "godfather student".

The proportion of foreign students in the Lietz Hohenwehrda boarding school is 10 to 15 per cent. A special infrastructure and an individualised integration program has been created for these children: Among these measures, for example, German is included as a foreign language in the syllabus, and a well-grounded time-table is generated individually for every child in accordance with its abilities.  

German as a foreign language

The Lietz Hohenwehrda boarding school offers students from overseas the facility to learn German and to integrate into the school system. To that end, the subject German as a foreign language has been included as an integral discipline. Basic vocabulary, technical vocabulary as well as German grammar are fixed components of the syllabus. To be able to apply this newly acquired knowledge directly in practice, students are introduced to life in boarding school from the beginning with a "mentor" student and they also participate on an hour-by-hour basis in regular lessons. The goal is to achieve the preconditions for a general certificate of secondary education or for the final secondary school examinations.


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