Grammar school G9

Transparent paths to the secondary school diploma

In Hohenwehrda boarding school, apart from the G8, the path via the 9-year grammar school G9, to higher level secondary school can also be taken. After the orientation phase of class 5/6, from class 7 onwards, the second foreign language, Spanish, French or Latin, is also taught. In class 6 itself, the path via a second foreign language is tried. Further setting of priorities takes place through elective compulsory subjects like Spanish, music, theatre, art, student enterprise, canoeing, ecology or “Green Graduation”. 

In the G9, junior high school is ended with class 10 grammar school. This is followed by the switch to the higher level secondary school in Haubinda or Bieberstein. A student who initially concentrates on a foreign language can go via the secondary school, which is scheduled by means of an expanded time-table in the Hohenwehrda boarding school, to the intermediate secondary school and then onward to the secondary school diploma. In this case, the intermediate level ends with class 10 and a central final examination. The second foreign language is Spanish in the higher level secondary school and this language is studied up to high school graduation.


Which path is suitable for which child is decided on a completely individual basis by the background of the child and the development situation. All the upward paths are laid out transparently, interlinked with one another and represent tailor-made concepts for each individual child. We always consider the development options of the individual child or adolescent and awaken their resources and performance levels. The flexibility of different paths and modules up to secondary school graduation is in the intermediate level, during which all adolescents are in a sensitive development phase, which is often decisive for their success.


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