Grammar school G8

A shorter path to the final secondary school examinations

The Hohenwehrda boarding school offers the shortened form of the 8-year grammar school G8 to the higher level secondary school. The special and individually tailored stimulation options, which are created according to the background and resources of the individual child, a clear daily structure, and fixed processes ensure that even this path is not shaped by the final grade alone, but that the talents and strengths of the children are developed and nurtured just as much in music, theatre, art and sports and other activities.

Particularly for highly gifted youth, the challenge of G8 is often a suitable and successful offering. In addition, at Hohenwehrda boarding school, highly gifted youth are also strongly stimulated in their social and emotional competence and, of course, trained at a very high level in the activities suitable for them, often in the areas of music and singing.

The path via the G8 means that after the orientation phase of class 5, from class 6 onwards, the second foreign language is started, i.e. Spanish, French or Latin. Further setting of priorities takes place through an elective compulsory subject in the areas of music, theatre, art, student enterprise, ecology, Green Graduation or canoeing. 

Grammar school intermediate level ends in the G8 after class 9. This is followed by a transfer to higher level secondary school in Haubinda or Bieberstein.  At Hohenwehrda, switching from G8 to G9, the nine-year grammar school, is possible at any time if such a move appears to be advised. Then, intermediate level ends after class 10 and the transfer also takes place in the same manner. 

In small classes with eight to sixteen students, in bright, pleasant classrooms and surrounded by lots of nature, in the Hohenwehrda boarding school, we live and learn with emphasis on day-to-day life. In doing so, motivation and fixity of purpose both grow – and this leads to success in a transparent manner.  


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