Compulsory optional subjects

Unfurling of the child's own abilities

At Hohenwehrda boarding school, school is far more than just studying. We attach value to education in the holistic sense. So for us, practical experience over and above lessons is indispensable, and anchored as an integral part of our education concept.

A wide choice of topics like music, theatre, sport, art, handicrafts, student enterprise, Spanish, social and ecological activities are offered, and, as extracurricular activity clubs, represent the required optional subjects. Certificates attest to participation in these subjects.


From the 8th class, a required optional subject becomes an additional graded core area of studies. All students have to choose at least three extra-curricular activities from the various disciplines. At Hohenwehrda, extra-curricular activities supplement studies in a practically oriented manner. All extracurricular activity clubs target work towards exhibitions, presentations and performances. With their involvement in these areas, students obtain an attractive portfolio with varied certificates, which provide information on the competences and strengths that they have developed and shaped.


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